General terms and conditions De Wiersse


  • An entrance ticket can be used once, friend passes are valid for one year. Some tickets are activated on the day of the visit and the right of admission ends when you leave the park.
  • Entrance tickets and friends’ passes that have already been purchased cannot be exchanged for money, for another type of entrance ticket or for an entrance ticket from a different period or otherwise.
  • Tickets may not be resold or otherwise used for commercial purposes. The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of entrance tickets.
  • De Wiersse is not liable for damage, loss or theft as a result of which the validity of the admission ticket expires


All prices mentioned are subject to interim changes.


In case of emergencies during the weekend, you can call 0575556655


The tour starts at the agreed or booked time. The guide does not wait for participants who are late. If you are late and can still find the group, you can still join.


E-tickets are paid via our website with the payment methods offered there. No tickets are sold at the door on the Thursday openings or for the guided tours. On the open days (on some Sundays and public holidays) tickets are sold at the door and can be paid with pin or cash.


A cancellation of up to two weeks before the visit  for a grouptour is free of charge. In case of cancellation within two weeks before the visit date, we will charge 50% of the agreed total sum. In case of cancellation within 1 week before the visit date, we are obliged to invoice you the agreed total amount.


  • During your visit in the gardens you must be in possession of a valid entrance ticket.
  • Do not steal plants or seeds. Theft is always reported.
  • Do not pick or eat seeds or berries. Plants, or parts thereof, can be poisonous.
  • Children up to 12 years old must be supervised by an adult accompanying person.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the gardens of Wiersse. Exceptions are made for guide dogs that assist a visually impaired or blind person.
  • Bicycles are not allowed – racks are available at the entrance to store your bicycle.
  • De Wiersse is a place for many people to take a quiet walk and enjoy nature. Keep this in mind.
  • No smoking.

Entry at your own risk

By entering the gardens you accept our exclusion from any liability for damage in any sense that may happen to you or yours during your stay in de Wiersse. We emphasize that the gardens of de Wiersse are a natural environment. We cannot completely rule out dangers such as slippery conditions, falling branches or water features. You enter de Wiersse at your own risk.